Music at the Putney School

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Music is the voice of The Putney School. At the heart of this is music making in all idioms and genres, from playing guitar around the campfire to performing in the community orchestra; from participating in the weekly All-School Sing to composing electronic music to producing an album.

Sing at The Putney School

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All-School Sing at The Putney School is a time every Thursday morning where the entire community joins in song. It has been a staple of the community since the school’s founding in 1935. Cailin Manson, our music director, explains the tradition.

The Putney School Now

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Putney is all about students chasing their intellectual curiosities, forging connections, and working with adults to help this place run and evolve. We asked three questions: What are you most excited to be learning these days? What has surprised you about Putney? How have you enjoyed contributing to this community?

The Work Program

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We believe that students are capable and trustworthy, and that big learning and big joy come from contributing to a community. The work program has been a part if Putney since its founding; it teaches leadership, teamwork, stewardship, and grit. Plus, it’s actually fun.

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