Holistic Education

A Holistic Approach to Education

At Putney, we focus on the complete education of our students through our holistic curriculum. We foster students’ ability to balance all that life has to offer including work, leadership roles, social time, physical activity, arts, and academics. This provides pupils with the skills necessary to not only function in society but to thrive. With progressive education theory at the core of Putney, fostering active conscience members of society is a key principle that leads to caring for the whole student. We achieve this by focusing on holistic teaching methods.

Your Holistic School

To build a program that encompasses the full education of our students, we employ a variety of methods, including strict small class sizes for the optimal learning experience. From morning until night there are multiple ways for students to engage in autonomous as well as guided learning opportunities meant to help them flourish into successful independent learners who are engaged members of our society.

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Students can partake in leadership roles in the community where they work together with fellow students and staff to create the culture that is Putney. They have jobs that are essential to our success as a campus. Participating in after school arts programs where they will work alongside artists in our local Vermont community to experience guidance under master craftsmen in their fields such as blacksmithing, dance, weaving, clay pottery and more. We know that humans learn best by doing, so we incorporate hands-on education in many places, as well as varied ways of teaching in the classroom to accommodate and be inclusive of all learning styles.

From the mind to the body, students acquire a balance of physical activity from sports and rock climbing to dance. We incorporate ways for students to connect with nature through camping and working the farm. Additionally, they have the opportunity to study abroad to experience different cultures and appreciate cultural diversity and what the world has to offer. Join us at Putney, where students succeed beyond expectations.

Sacred Geometry in a Mural of Platonic Solids

Bianca '18 during December 2016 Project Weeks

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