Information for Educational Consultants

Policies, Correspondence, Applications, and Educational Culture

The Putney School Admission Office works regularly with educational consultants and agencies around the world.

Whenever possible, we encourage consultants to visit our campus, meet our teachers and students, and spend some time learning about our unique program and our progressive educational philosophy. When this is not possible, we urge agents to read our brochures and website thoroughly, and to contact our Admission Office for answers to any questions not addressed in these publications. For Putney, as well as for the student, finding the best match between school and student is of utmost importance; Putney is not the right school for everyone or every family, but for the right student, Putney will be a powerful and life-shaping experience. For this reason, we ask that consultants become very familiar with what makes Putney “Putney.”

The Putney School does not pay commissions to any educational agencies or consultants. In accordance with the guidelines of the IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), we expect that all compensation to such consultants is that which has been agreed upon by the consulting agency and the family engaging its services. Putney does not have any “exclusive agreements” with any agency in any country. We gladly accept inquiries and applications from any qualified student and will treat all applications, whether from a consultant or a student, with equal attention and consideration.

Contact Information: mailing address and email address

On the Putney application—whether a student is using our own application portal, or the SSATB application—all information gathered should be that of the student applying. Please do not use consultant’s email or home address.


Many overseas students are nervous about their level of English when they write to an admission office, and this self-consciousness is understandable. Consultants may share this concern, and may be tempted to correspond on behalf of the student. We encourage international applicants to correspond with the Admission Office directly, even if their English is not yet fluent.  Errors in English are not the primary concern; we know that applicants from overseas are still learning English, and the fact that they are willing to try is crucial. If you are a consultant, please do not write in the student’s voice. Instead, encourage your student clients to establish a relationship with one of our Admission Counselors. This courage and curiosity is far more impressive than a polished letter written by someone else.

Application Essays

Overt rewriting or “polishing” of student essays can have a detrimental effect that backfires on the student. Our Admission Counselors trust most the referrals of consultants whose students have clearly written in their own voice, with their own level of English, and with ideas that emerge from their own insights, dreams, and passions. At Putney, “finding your own voice” is a key goal of our educational program, and we are already looking for students who begin to share that voice during the application process.

Support for Students After Enrollment

Consultants who continue to support the students who enroll at Putney learn more about our school and can make better referrals to Putney. We encourage this ongoing contact and appreciate what it can offer the students’ family, particularly when parents may not use English comfortably. Such arrangements and compensation are established between the consulting agency and the family. With the permission of the parents, Putney will send progress reports, advisor letters, and other correspondence to consultants who represent the student and family overseas. This is not a requirement, but can be very helpful.

Admission Office Visits Overseas

Representatives from The Putney School occasionally travel overseas to meet candidates, introduce Putney to consultants or other schools, and attend scholastic fairs. If you are interested in meeting a Putney representative when we travel overseas, please contact our Admission Office. Although these trips are only occasional, they are wonderful opportunities for “Putney people” to share our ideas, introduce our programs, and tell more families what makes Putney such a wonderful place. If you do not already know much about The Putney School, you will probably be surprised and delighted by what you learn.

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