Interview FAQs

A personal interview is required for all prospective students.

We encourage families to visit while school is in session for the opportunity to tour campus and connect with students and teachers. A visit will include an in-depth interview with one our admission counselors. For more information, please contact Amara Cunningham.


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How should I dress?

Keep in mind that the school is part of a working farm and the tour will include a visit to the barn. Informal dress and “sensible shoes” recommended! Bring an outer layer appropriate for the season.


Should I bring anything with me when I visit?

You are welcome to bring any samples of your artwork (visual artwork, music, videos, or written pieces) although this is not required. Your visit is part of your larger research project about finding the right school, so we encourage you to bring a notepad or whatever helps you to keep track of your reactions.


If I play an instrument, can I bring it to my interview?

Yes, if you are a musician, we invite you to bring your instrument to the school. We are very proud of our music program, and our music director is always eager to meet musicians.


What if I can’t travel to Putney for an interview?

Once you have completed your application you can arrange for a Skype or a phone interview with one of our Admission representatives.


What if I have been diagnosed with learning differences?

We want to ensure that every student at Putney can thrive here. Applicants who have been identified with learning differences should share this information and any reports from educational or psychological testing at the outset of the admission process. This will help us to better understand your learning profile and it will help you to better assess our support systems for students.

Please send along any professional evaluations to Amara in advance of your visit or when it becomes available.

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