Libby Mills Fund for Fiber Arts

The weaving program that Libby was inspired to start over 50 years ago with one rickety loom in a small dark attic of the Reynolds building has become one of the most vital and popular programs at Putney, encompassing quilting, sewing, needlework, knitting, crocheting, and spinning. The fiber arts program nourishes ambitious, elaborate, and expressive student projects in the arts and is a model of interdisciplinary education and ecological sustainability. Fiber arts is tightly integrated with the farm at Putney, with many students involved in caring for sheep and alpacas, shearing, carding, and spinning their wool, dyeing the natural fiber yarns with dyes extracted from plants grown in the dye garden near the studio, and weaving or knitting pieces of often extraordinary complexity. Designs in fiber arts have been created to express mathematical theorems, the chordal structure of Bach’s music, the sunrise over Gray House, and more.

Please consider supporting Libby Mills’ legacy at The Putney School with a gift to endow this vibrant and creative program.


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