Long Fall

At Putney, we encourage our students to explore the outdoors. Developing an appreciation for nature while fostering a bond as part of a community is baked into our culture, and every year we kick off that sentiment with Long Fall.

What is Long Fall?

After students arrive on campus and move into their rooms, we immediately pack up and head out in small groups for a four-day, three-night camping expedition away from school. Trip opportunities include a variety of options such as kayaking, bicycling, backpacking, day hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, and more.

Why Long Fall Matters

Long Fall is designed to help students get to know each other better through teamwork and connections. The camping trips offer a chance to explore the outdoors, engage in group activities, share stories around campfires, and bond over cooking meals together. The absence of mobile phones allows for a more immersive experience and encourages face-to-face interaction and engagement.

Our primary aim is to empower our students to delve into their understanding of leadership, teamwork, and technical skills. We actively foster the growth of critical attributes like judgment, personal responsibility, and awareness of group needs—essential qualities for effective leadership—through hands-on experiences. This approach applies to both our students and staff, encouraging continual personal development and an unwavering dedication to collective success.

The Lasting Benefits

We firmly believe in the immense value that every wilderness experience holds. It’s a realm where nature reigns supreme, and the situations we encounter there have real consequences. Embracing these conditions, far removed from the distractions of modern civilization, nurtures self-reliance, sound judgment, respect, and a profound sense of responsibility for our actions. Moreover, it has the potential to profoundly touch our hearts, inspiring us, bringing us joy, and instilling a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.




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