Student Blog: The Rewards of Hard Work

I started rowing my sophomore year of high school, which was also my first year at The Putney School. I joined the team as an ex-swimmer from Hong Kong, nervous about trying a new sport at a new school; however, I soon fell in love with rowing and the team at Putney. I made some of my closest friends on the rowing team, and I’ve rowed every year since. Looking back as a senior I’m so grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had and lessons being on the rowing team has taught me.

Rowing is a competitive sport, so the team practices for an hour and a half Monday through Friday, and often travels for regattas on the weekend. This commitment taught me how to manage my time well at Putney.  I wrote papers on our bus rides, and did my Shakespeare homework in hotel rooms. However, all of my everyday stress was left behind when I got onto the water. Rowing has taught me about determination, dedication, and the rewards of hard work. These are all lessons that I’m grateful for, and will take with me when I leave Putney.

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