Meet Bailey ‘21

Bailey About Me headshot
Where am I from? Great question! Honestly I struggle to answer this question every time someone asks. If you mean ‘Where does your immediate family live?’ I would say the capital city of Kyrgystan, Bishkek. If you mean ‘What is your country of origin?’ I would say that I was... Read More

Meet Lingwen ‘21

A photo of me (in the middle in black) with the studio members of Tokinoha My name is Lingwen Zhang and I am a Putney international student from Chongqing, China. Thinking about the time I spent at Putney, three years went past so quickly, and I’m now already a senior.... Read More

Meet Gio ‘22 

My name is Gio and I am from Vernon, Conn. While on my way to my interview and first ever visit to the Putney School—and the state of Vermont, for that matter—something quite unexplainable happened. In my hometown about an hour and a half away, only two minutes from my... Read More

Why I Love Model United Nations

Model UN was never my vibe. Something about the polished packs of smartly dressed high school students migrating across college campuses for a weekend seemed…wrong. They were put together, and I most certainly was not. I was awkward in a crowd and they blended seamlessly. I preferred to live in... Read More

Meet Amber ’23

My name is Amber Liao and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I am currently 16 years old and will be a sophomore at Putney. In my previous school, the arts were often overshadowed, and unfortunately for me, I am a big fan of the arts. This is... Read More

Meet Jason ’22

By: Jason ’22 Hello Putney community, and welcome back to another (or maybe your first!) year at Putney! My name is Jason, and I am a junior here on the hill. I am returning to Putney from NYC (currently known as Plague Inc.) where I live with my parents, my... Read More
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