AM Barn Delivers The Gift of Mornings

You only consider yourself a night person until you’ve discovered the value of morning time.

This is the conclusion I’ve come to this fall. There’s something so special about those quiet hours when the weight of the world feels lighter, especially on our hilltop—the morning fog and autumn colors adding another layer of tranquility that cannot be matched. 

Over the summer, I decided it was time to take on a daunting task… and I signed up for AM Barn. Luckily, Covid adjustments in the barn have led to this year being much easier than it has been for former barn crew generations. I can boast a wakeup time 30 minutes later than a previous 5:30 a.m., and half a week’s worth less work as we now have daily alternating crews (which might be a much more humane scheduling method for future reference). But, to be honest, I deeply enjoy the gift of early mornings.

A golden wedge of time comes between the end of barn and the start of classes: a generous hour or more.

To me, this extra morning time does not have to be an hour spent productively. I like to spend it cultivating a start to my day that has me feeling refreshed, be it by taking an extra long shower or by taking a walk on Putney trails (which I did on an early Sunday morning a few weeks ago, and I’d highly recommend). 

Sadly, without barn waking me up at the crack of dawn, finding an incentive to get out of bed with just enough time to brush my teeth and get to class is a challenge for me. So, maybe mornings are just a gift that I will be able to enjoy this fall, but I believe my newfound admiration for them is long lasting. 

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