The Freedom to Explore Kabuki in ‘Writing and Research’

By: Jason ’22

My block one class that I have first thing every morning (except Saturday, which only has blocks 3 and 4) is Writing and Research with Kevin Champney. And I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. 

Writing and Research is basically what it says on the tin; a class where you research a certain topic and write essays on it. I tend to have a difficult time writing papers on topics I don’t find interesting, so being given the freedom to choose my own topic got me more excited than I’d like to admit. Major props to Kevin for listening to me ramble on about kabuki and new wave cosplay culture and how they have striking similarities, and for not only not staring at me like I was crazy, but encouraging me to choose that as my topic. 

I’m psyched to be in his class and I’m psyched to write those papers — the latter of which is something I never thought I’d say while in my right mind.

Even though my schedule is kind of packed with four classes, two afternoons and two evenings, I’m finding time to write for W&R, simply because I’m just so damn excited about it. Also, I mean the parallels between modern cosplay and old kabuki are absolutely striking. Don’t get me started — I will talk your ear off about this.

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