Meet Jason ’22

By: Jason ’22

Hello Putney community, and welcome back to another (or maybe your first!) year at Putney! My name is Jason, and I am a junior here on the hill. I am returning to Putney from NYC (currently known as Plague Inc.) where I live with my parents, my younger brother, and our very stupid dog. This year I’m residing in Old Boys as a dorm head, so if you’d like to chat you are welcome to stand outside and yell to me :). 

I started at Putney in September 2018, after having found the school through a family friend who actually happened to be a former Putney music director (check your sing book to verify! Inez is a very lovely person). I was and still find myself astounded at the opportunities Putney (as a campus and a community) had opened up for me.

I’ve always been drawn to the arts, whether it be painting, drawing, acting or writing, and this school is definitely an excellent place to explore those. Even through a pandemic, art at Putney has found a way (take it from me — I attended remote Putney Arts this summer).

3 Things About Myself

I often think of myself as a pretty open person — but you new students may not know me, so here are three interesting things about myself. 

1. I am the 2020/2021 co-head of Spectrum, Putney’s gender/sexuality alliance (my co. is the lovely Jonas Rice)! We will most likely be meeting every Sunday — and if we’re not on Zoom, we will have snacks! I encourage everyone who is still reading this paragraph, even after I mentioned Zoom, to drop by.

2. I do not know my own blood type! And neither do my parents! And I get so disoriented after getting blood drawn that I always forget to ask my doc what my blood type is.

3. At the rate my vision is deteriorating, I am going to be legally blind by age 25. My vision is already pretty terrible though … I wear contacts most of the time but if you ever see me with my glasses — ask to try them on! Well … maybe when we’re not in a pandemic…

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