Tuition and Fees

Since our founding in 1935, The Putney School has been committed to socioeconomic diversity. Putney works to remain accessible through its need-based financial aid program. Educational loan programs provided by outside entities can supplement need-based financial assistance.

2019-20 Tuition
Day: $36,700 | Boarding: $62,400

Payment Options

Putney offers three payment options per contract year:

  • One payment in full, due August 1st
  • Two payments, due August 1st and December 1st
  • Monthly payments

Some families who do not qualify for need-based financial aid use payment plans and loans to ease the burden of tuition fees. Those who do receive financial aid also find these options helpful in bridging the gap between their award and the family’s monthly budget.

Please direct questions about payment plans to our business office: (802) 387-6245.


Expenses Boarding Day
1. Tuition 2019-2020 $62,400 $36,700
2. Tuition Refund Insurance *see below *see below
3. Damage Deposit (new students only) $150 $150
4. Initial Student Expense Account deposit $500 $500
Approximate total cost of attendance per year $63,050 $37,350
Possible Additional Expenses
5. Books, personal expenses, materials fees   $1,500 $1,500
6. Transportation (travel to and from school) ** N/A
7. Health Insurance (available for international students only) $1,900 $1,900
8. Emergency Deposit (international students only) $500 N/A
9. ESOL Program fee $4,000 N/A
10. Instructional Support Program fees $875-$4375/trimester $875-$4375/trimester
11. Private Music Lessons $60/hour $60/hour
12. Horseback Riding $300-$1000/trimester  $300-$1000/trimester
13. Downhill Skiing (additional fee for rentals) Est. $500 Est. $500
14. Long Fall Camping Trip $75 $75
15. Sports/Activity equipment and supplies Est. $300 Est. $300


Cost Descriptions

  1. Tuition includes the cost of academic instruction, meals, and residence for boarding students
  2. * Tuition Refund Insurance is required of all students to help insure tuition fees in the event of a student’s withdrawal, absence, dismissal, or separation from the school according to the terms of the policy. The cost of this insurance is 2.9% of the student’s tuition fees, including ESOL fees.
  3. A $150 refundable damage deposit (new students only).
  4. All student charges associated with student activities will be billed through the student’s expense account.
  5. This is an estimate for textbooks and fees associated with some art courses.
  6. ** At a minimum, parents should expect travel arrangements for students to and from school at the beginning and end of the year, and for Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.
  7. Students are required to have health insurance that is accepted in Vermont. International students are required to purchase the insurance plan accepted by the school’s Health Service Office.
  8. International student emergency deposit.
  9. Students enrolled in courses offered in English for Speakers of Other Languages.
  10. This program fee covers regularly scheduled appointments with a member of the Learning Center staff or a private tutor.
  11. Private music lessons are offered on a trimester basis and are charged by the hour.
  12. Horseback riding is offered as an afternoon activity on a trimester basis.
  13. Downhill skiing is offered twice a week during the winter trimester. The fee includes lift tickets and transportation to and from the mountain. Equipment rental is an additional cost.
  14. All school camping trip. Each year all students and faculty participate in a five-day camping experience.
  15. Appropriate sports and physical-activity equipment should be anticipated (cleats, shin guards, dance shoes, etc.). Sports uniforms will be provided for use with a security deposit charged to the student’s account.