Buildings and Land

Whether you are called to music, mathematics or mooing, there is plenty of space for students to kindle passions and pursue new interests on our beautiful 500-acre campus, located on a working dairy farm.

Elm Lea Farm

Each semester over 60 students participate in our Farm program. Students engage in all aspects of our diversified farm, including milking and caring for dairy cattle, foraging crop production, gardening, other livestock care, sugaring, and firewood processing. [Learn more]

Land and Garden

We hope all students leave Putney with a deeper connection with the land. Using a field or a garden as a classroom encourages many discussions about various agricultural techniques, providing a real illustration of varying methods of food production. The garden program includes nearly three acres of land and two greenhouses. 

Art Studios

Art studios are located in nearly every building on campus. We are fortunate to have expansive studios for painting, drawing and sculpture, as well as a weaving room, a ceramics studio, darkroom and filmmaking studio.

Dorms and Cabins

Our campus includes nine dorms and five solar-powered cabins. Our dorms are home to anywhere from 10 to 30 students, and our cabins have space for two senior students. Many dorm parents have children, so the dorms feel like a home away from home. The dorm parents work with the elected student dorm heads to help to organize dorm life— jobs, schedules, choices— and to balance the many things Putney demands and offers.

Field House

The Field House was the first net zero, LEED Platinum certified school building in the country. It is a place for movement, play, and activity accessible to all and usable 365 days a year. Students can play sports, wax their skis, repair bikes, or simply sit and talk. The building incorporates Putney values of openness, participation, and environmental responsibility. [Learn more]

The Field House includes:

    • An open court for basketball, volleyball, and other court sports
    • A weight-training room and yoga/fitness room that can also be used for aerobics, stretching, and sports conditioning
    • A ski waxing room with access onto Putney’s groomed trails (this space is used for bike storage and repair in the off season)
    • Separate locker rooms and showers for students and faculty
    • Office space for Putney’s athletic director and staff
  • A community space where students can gather for informal meetings, conversation, and socializing


The Putney School Library is an inviting, open, post and beam construction and one of the primary academic and social spaces for students. The library itself is divided into three rooms, including the main room dominated by its high ceiling and massive fireplace, a teaching space/computer lab, and a social space. The Library’s collection includes over 24,000 physical volumes, over 5,000 audio and ebooks, and numerous database subscriptions.

Bibliographic instruction and library skills are integrated into the curriculum at The Putney School, so that students gain varied and authentic experience using the library. Because of the project-oriented nature of much of the Putney curriculum, students are required to design research strategies and make informed decisions about the types and quality of resources used.

The faculty expect students to be able to understand and use a variety of resources: the library’s online catalog, database subscriptions, high-quality Internet sources, as well as the library’s book and periodical collections. The library staff is available to help students find their way. [Learn More]

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