COVID-19 Update: March 17

Good evening all,

Thank you to all of you who have been on campus keeping the wheels turning this past week.  I’m sure it’s been a bit lonely.  I don’t think the campus has been this clean since its founding – pretty impressive.

We’ve made some good progress on planning for the next few weeks of school, without knowing how many weeks a ‘few’ will turn out to be.

Most of our students will be staying home and doing their school work online. Faculty will return this Monday and have a week to plan and practice using the online tools.  We will have about 20 students on campus,  students for whom going home is not a good option.  They will be living in their dorms, eating in the KDU, and following the same curriculum as the kids studying from home.  We’ll have various other activities to keep them happy and healthy.

We are asking that there be as little traffic on and off campus as is practical. If you are in a job that can be done from home, please discuss that option with your supervisor. We are cancelling outside events, and asking that day students don’t come on campus at all.  If you know of visitors that are planning to come, please ask them to postpone.

If you learn of ways that the school might be useful to the larger community in this difficult time, please let me know.  It seems that we’ll have a lot of eggs for the food bank, and I’m sure there will be other ways to help out without putting anyone at risk.

Best to all,


Emily Jones
Head of School

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