History students are asked to create meaning from our past and present, developing an ability to understand a historical framework for the world evolving around them.

Classes emphasize discussion and oral skills, writing with an emphasis on analytical essays, and critical thinking. Students are asked to write history—to formulate, support, and document their own views of the past. The use of primary texts is critical in all courses and student research builds from primary document analysis.

Spotlight on: American Studies

“What does it mean to be an American?” This is a year-long interdisciplinary course that asks students this fundamental question and is arranged around a series of thematic explorations: Nature; American Political Thought; Slavery and its Legacy; Conflict and Capitalism. Courses are taught by both English and history teachers, and readings from both disciplines provide students with the essential backdrop for dynamic class discussion and exploration.

American Studies and Writing and Research are required for juniors in lieu of 11th grade English and U.S. history to provide a richer exploration of American society, culture, and history.

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