Through studying mathematics at Putney, students learn the skills necessary for academic and personal success while building deep conceptual understanding through projects, rich problems, and explorations.

Our courses are structured to focus on modeling change using mathematics, technology and coding, understanding and applying properties of geometry, using probability and statistics to understand and manage data, building numeracy, and becoming financially literate. In addition to the mathematical content, we place a heavy emphasis on these broad-based skills: thinking and acting flexibly and creatively, communicating with clarity and precision, collaborating effectively, learning independently, persevering, applying logical reasoning to problem solving, and posing problems.

Our math courses cover fundamentals for college preparation while encouraging our students to explore the beauty of mathematics and its connection with other subjects. Students are expected to take three years of high school mathematics and finish Algebra II before they graduate. Students who have finished Algebra II are encouraged to take advantage of our more advanced courses such as Statistics, Precalculus, Calculus and Computer Science I.

Math: Meeting the Individual and Understanding the World

We devote lots of energy to studying how math is present and important in the world around us.

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