A Mid-Fall Pause

October 15, 2019 Dear Parents, It was lovely to see so many of you here this weekend, and it was a delight to watch new students share their new world with their families. I also appreciate the opportunity to share ideas with you, to talk about what we are working... Read More

And Off They Go on Long Fall

Dear Parents, We’re off and running! The student leaders, who have been here for a week now, did a truly wonderful job of organizing the welcome for our new students and setting up their own areas of leadership responsibility this year. They have also been enormously helpful to Karen Guttentag,... Read More

Seeing More, Seeing Differently

Dear Parents, I hope this finds you all well. It’s been a busy summer at Putney, and a good one. We’ve welcomed our new Dean of Students, Karen Guttentag, and our new Director of Equity and Inclusion, Lisa Muñoz. Both are hard at work and eager, as am I, to... Read More

The Critical Balance

Dear Parents, These are complicated times, and there is no dearth of people telling schools what students need to learn in order to be successful adults in the new world that is coming. (Many assume what success means without really defining it.) Recently, the College Board decided that the two... Read More

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your kids – we are delighted to have them back. One of the many things I love about this generation of teenagers is that they are so open with their affections and so ready to show how much they... Read More

Project Week Wrap-Up

Dear Parents, In just a couple of days your children will be on their way home to you. It was a week ago that I told them, and you, that we had a bad situation on campus. Today I thanked them for all their candor, care, and good thinking, and... Read More

Project Week Preparations

  Dear Parents, As I write, students are talking with teachers about their plans for Project Week and lining up their faculty sponsors. Although Project Week doesn’t start until December 3rd (and is actually almost two weeks long), we start the planning phase early. Each student is writing a proposal... Read More
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