The Joys of a Collaborative Community

Dear Parents, The past few weeks have loudly reminded me of how lucky Putney is to have Putney parents. First, there was the college admissions scandal, which is sad for so many reasons. I confess that I was not surprised to learn that some parents were bribing their kid’s way... Read More

The Critical Balance

Dear Parents, These are complicated times, and there is no dearth of people telling schools what students need to learn in order to be successful adults in the new world that is coming. (Many assume what success means without really defining it.) Recently, the College Board decided that the two... Read More

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your kids – we are delighted to have them back. One of the many things I love about this generation of teenagers is that they are so open with their affections and so ready to show how much they... Read More

Project Week Wrap-Up

Dear Parents, In just a couple of days your children will be on their way home to you. It was a week ago that I told them, and you, that we had a bad situation on campus. Today I thanked them for all their candor, care, and good thinking, and... Read More

Project Week Preparations

  Dear Parents, As I write, students are talking with teachers about their plans for Project Week and lining up their faculty sponsors. Although Project Week doesn’t start until December 3rd (and is actually almost two weeks long), we start the planning phase early. Each student is writing a proposal... Read More

Heading Off For Long Fall

  Dear Parents, Everyone headed out on their Long Fall trips this morning, after a full day of getting ready yesterday. It’s lovely here in Vermont and the weather looks good all week. Some groups are hiking the Presidential Range in New Hampshire, some are paddling down the Connecticut River,... Read More

Summer Musings

Dear Putney Parents, After a brief lull, the campus is full of teenagers again. The Summer Arts program is up and running, with studio and performing arts of all kinds and a side dish of robotics. Each of the three-week summer sessions feels like a pop-up Putney, with Sing, camping,... Read More

Spring Has Finally Come To Putney

Dear Parents, I would like to welcome the parents of newly enrolled students for next year to the Putney parent community. We have new families in fifteen states, and are adding Denmark and Poland to our already long list of nations. Spring has finally come to Putney for real. The... Read More

Student Leadership

Dear Parents, Putney takes student leadership seriously, as you know. Teenagers are asked to take unusual responsibility here, both for themselves and for the workings of the community – and that isn’t easy. We are heading into the time of year when we elect and appoint students to a whole... Read More

Giving Thanks

Dear Parents, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I know that many of you live in places that do not celebrate the U.S. version of Thanksgiving, but almost every culture has some ritual of giving thanks. Often it is connected to the harvest, but in every case it focuses the... Read More