How to Obtain a Visa Old 2021

You must be accepted by The Putney School before you can apply for an F-1 visa. After acceptance, there are several steps to obtaining this visa:

  1. You must submit your signed enrollment contract and pay the enrollment deposit (5% of tuition).  
  2. You must send financial documentation that demonstrates your family’s ability to pay the costs of your US education. A bank letter is the best documentation, showing that sufficient funds are in the account to support you. A bank statement is also acceptable. Conversion to US dollars is very helpful.
  3. Return to us the completed I-20 Information Form and a photocopy of your passport.
  4. We will issue you an I-20 form, which is a US government form. You will use the I-20 form when you apply for your visa at the United States Consulate or Embassy in your country.
  5. You must make an appointment to apply for the visa at the United States consulate nearest to you. There is an application form, a fee, and an interview as part of this process. 
  6. If for some reason your visa application is denied, please contact us immediately. We can often provide additional documentation or support when you re-apply.

The Putney School will issue an I-20 for each year the student is enrolled at Putney.

When you arrive at Putney, we’ll store your immigration documents in a safe place, and keep copies in case they are ever lost or damaged.

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