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Performing arts are an integral part of the human adventure. The use of music, visual art, theater, and dance as modes of storytelling are a central part of every culture and predate even written language. At our creative and performing arts high school in Vermont, students have the opportunity to follow their passions and develop their creative processes.

As a boarding school, Putney is able to offer teenagers an immersive experience in the world of fine arts that will shape them for a lifetime. Engaging in their interests throughout the school day and during The Evening Arts Program will help them to master the skills and crafts they love as well as introduce them to new pursuits and new ideas.

We believe visual and performing arts is the heartbeat of The Putney School.

The Putney School is deeply dedicated to holistic student growth, and to the performing and visual arts. One of our fundamental beliefs is that creative arts should have a place of prestige in our community. We believe that the outward expression of our inner thoughts and feelings through performing arts is a vital component to a great education. Whether you (or your child) are a beginner or a virtuoso aiming for a professional career in music of fine arts, the community is here to support your learning and creative expression.

The lifeblood of any community is when they gather to do things together. At The Putney School, it is no different. Each week students participate in community building with our weekly all-school Sing event. This activity is such an essential part of our school that it is even a favorite event of our alumni weekend. We can’t wait for you to come and build community with us by gathering, learning and making joyous noise together onstage and in class at your future arts high school, here in New England.



Acting | Dance Intensive | Making the Play | Musical Theater | World Dance | Theater Elements | Theater Intensive

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Dance Ensemble | Fusion Belly Dance | Hip Hop Dance | Latin Dance | Meditation | Theater

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