20 Putney Students Recognized with Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Twenty students from The Putney School were honored by the Vermont Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The prestigious program offers exhibition opportunities and scholarships for young artists and writers across the Green Mountain State.

Their award-winning work will be on display at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center from February 18 – March 4, and will culminate in an awards ceremony featuring Will Kasso Condry as this year’s keynote speaker. Condry is a renowned visual artist, graffiti scholar, and educator who studied fine art and illustration at The College of New Jersey as a first-generation college student.

The ceremony is free and open to the public, and will be held Saturday, March 4 at 12 p.m. both in person and livestreamed on Zoom.

From poetry to photography; from painting to printmaking, here’s a look at some of the pieces that were honored, followed by a list of the Putney School winners.

The Putney School Award Winners

Joshua ‘24
prayer – Gold Key, Poetry

Gerrit ‘23
Stars Over Monadnock – Honorable Mention, Photography
Milky Way – Silver Key, Photography

Jiaqi/Elfin ‘24
Last Prom – Honorable Mention, Photography
Dragon Jar – Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Kumi and Sandy in a dance – Silver Key, Photography
Glittering Pond – Silver Key, Photography

Jack ‘24
vibrant vase – Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Mazie ‘23
Piggies – Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration
Agatha – Honorable Mention, Painting
We Were Children – Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
End Of My Block – Silver Key, Painting
Old Town Barcelona – Silver Key, Painting

Nimo ‘25
The geometry of scraps – Honorable Mention, Sculpture

Cleo ‘23
Gaia’s Salad – Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass

Sam ‘24
Hand-Painted Twin Scarves – Gold Key, Fashion

Isabelle ‘24
Floral Necklace – Gold Key, Jewelry
Floral Earrings – Honorable Mention, Jewelry

Tiffany ‘25
Sushi in the style of master painters – Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
phantom gown – Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Yishan ‘23
New Year’s Preparation – Gold Key, Painting
A Corner of Wender – Gold Key, American Visions Nominee, Painting
The Ripple – Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Ferns and Leaves – Honorable Mention, Jewelry
Lying Down – Silver Key, Painting

Scarborough ‘24
A Pigeon’s Almanac – Gold Key, American Voices Nominee, Poetry

Matilda ‘23
Mist Cup and Sitter – Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Spring Water Transportation.Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass

Yiyang ‘25
Reduction Print of a Half Portrait – Honorable Mention, Printmaking
Look Back – Silver Key, Printmaking

Iris ‘24
Forming Blue – Gold Key, Poetry
Divine Feminine Through the Moons Gaze – Silver Key, Poetry
Filtered vision – Gold Key, Photography
Oceans kiss – Gold Key, American Visions Nominee, Photography
Hardwood – Honorable Mention, Photography

Clementine ‘24
What Are You Looking At? – Gold Key, Drawing & Illustration

Maggie ‘26
To Construe Death – Silver Key, Short Story
Persephone’s Entrapment – Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration

Osha ‘24
Jellyfish Wind Chime – Honorable Mention, Sculpture
Voice of the Ocean – Silver Key, Sculpture

Ilona ‘24
The Odd Couple – Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
The name of this piece is “submission: the battle ends” – Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Xiaoyun ‘24
Portrait of Iris in Fall – Honorable Mention, Painting

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