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One of the first things people notice at Putney is our spirit of inclusiveness. Given the many tasks we all accomplish during a school year, cooperation is not just a given, but a way of life. We fully embrace and help students navigate the choppy waters that exist between meeting needs of the individual and the needs of the community. We help students become their best selves while keeping an eye on the big world out there.

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Coming to Putney felt like I was a puzzle piece that finally found where it belongs. I have experienced more support, friendship, and education in my short time here than I have in my entire life. I am so thankful I’m able to be part of such an amazing and passionate community!” — Marci ’21

Educating Individuals

We recognize that every student is unique and all students learn differently. We pay close attention to individual learning styles with faculty, staff and programs in place to develop the tools, self-awareness, and advocacy skills necessary to become confident, active, and independent learners.

When students are heard, understood, and supported to follow their passions in their own ways, we see them push themselves further and learn more than they ever thought possible.

Support Systems 

From designated conference blocks for everything from collaborations on projects to student teacher meetings; to library access, a comprehensive college counseling program and the Instructional Technology Center, we work together to put resources at student’s fingertips. 

At the center of campus stands The Center for Teaching and Learning, which offers structured academic support in the form of coaching, study skills instruction and tutorials. In addition, the CTL provides all students with the opportunity to meet with tutors during drop-in hours and in the evenings during our supervised study labs.

We have students with a variety of learning styles in every classroom and we do not treat those with diagnosed learning differences as “other.”

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