Showing Up for AM Barn (and Putney)

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At Putney, we show up. We know what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves—whether we’re in an ensemble, on the dish crew, collaborating on a project, or feeding animals, milking cows and mucking out the barn. We understand the responsibility we have to each other, to animals in our care, and we show up with full participation and support.

In the video, Pete, our Farm Manager says students “become aware of the need to take care of something outside of their own selves.” Max ’23 adds “even one person showing up, or not showing up, can make a big difference.”

Will you show up and join us with a gift to the Annual Fund? Your gift will help strengthen, sustain and support Putney’s ability to ensure access via financial aid and inspiration via inquiry-based living and learning. Students are relying on you.

Thank you for showing up—your participation and support is essential, and your partnership means so much to us all.

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