Our community comes together every Thursday to join in song. Sing has been a central part of the school’s educational program since its founding in 1935. The Sing Book is a diverse compilation of songs ranging from madrigals to sacred choruses to sea shanties, full of folk tunes from around the world and songs of social protest. The repertoire has grown and evolved over the decades with input from students and faculty.

Sing is powerful. We have used it to welcome guests from other cultures, and it has been an opportunity for international members of our community to introduce their own cultures through song. Sing has fostered debate about secularism, religion and spirituality, and about what it means to be a progressive school. By extension, we join with peoples all over the world who have used their voices, often as their only weapon against injustice and hardship, to empower themselves and celebrate their common humanity.

A Putney School Sing, properly done of course, is a reflection of the Putney lifestyle.

Sing at The Putney School

All-School Sing at The Putney School is a time every Thursday morning where the entire community joins in song. It has been a staple of the community since the school's founding in 1935. Cailin Manson, our music director, explains the tradition.

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