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By donating what I can, when I can, I enable Putney to do what it does best; empowering students by providing access to information and fostering alternative views. Putney sees to it that every year a flock of enlightened human beings is released into the skies of the world to fly to unimagined lives helping others be more human and more successful in making this world a better place. — Ragnar Naess, alumnus, Class of ’60

The Putney experience is one of working, learning and doing. It is a place where:

  • the arts, music, and theater are celebrated and shared
  • both individuality and community are prized
  • mistakes are made, and learned from
  • current students come from over 20 different countries and can study and travel abroad for a trimester

Your gift to Putney sustains the Putney experience. It allows us to enroll students with wide-ranging socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. It provides for programs that support students with different learning styles. And your support helps attract and retain the brightest progressive educators from around the globe.

There are many ways to give.

We are happy to hear from you, answer any questions, or help you make a gift. Contact Assistant Director of Development Carlotta Cuerdon at 802-387-6248 or

The Putney School Master Plan: Towards a Net Zero Campus