Work Jobs

In the Putney School’s Work Program, students learn how to do fundamental human activities that form the foundation of life. What’s unique is that jobs are led by student leaders. Those squad leaders are organized by a student-run Work Committee, who assign jobs each trimester, oversee work divisions, and manage student participation. Jobs are done six days each week for 30–40 minutes each day.

Students rotate jobs each trimester and must satisfy the following six work distribution requirements:

Lunch Service, Dinner Waiter, Barn, Dish Crew, General Substitute, Land Stewardship

Kitchen/Dining Jobs

  • Baker’s Helper
  • Oven Stoker
  • Dish Crew
  • Dinner Waiter
  • Maitre D’
  • Kitchen Boss
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Lunch Crew
  • Kitchen Utility
  • Kitchen Clean-Up
  • Sous Chef
  • Assistant Brunch Cook
  • Milk Lunch

Farm Jobs

  • Cow Barn
  • Horse Barn
  • Evening Feed
  • Farm Utility
  • Barn Crew Head
  • Alpaca Chores

Cleaning and Other Jobs

  • Classroom Cleaner
  • Infirmary Helper
  • Library Helper
  • General Sub
  • Post Office Helper
  • Classroom Building Head
  • Calder Hall Crew
  • Head Tour Guide
  • Student Dorm Head
  • Student Head of School
  • Auditorium Tech Crew
  • Office Assistant, Studio Assistant
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