Visual & Literary Arts

The Evening Arts Program extends the artistic and creative possibilities by providing a wide range of arts-based classes after dinner. It is an opportunity for students to try something entirely new or to delve more deeply into an art form for which they have already developed a passion. While active participation is required, these classes are ungraded. The classes meet from 7:30-9 PM either once or twice per week, and students are required to participate at least two evenings per week. The Evening Arts program operates in two sessions: Fall and Winter/Spring. Unless otherwise noted, classes run during both sessions.


If you have ever wanted to create your own short animation, this workshop will give you the tools and experience you need. A willingness to let your creative mind run free is required, along with a bit of patience. Participants will create two short projects using a variety of techniques, including drawn animation, stop-motion, and computer animation. Students will also watch short animated films each week, and create soundtracks for their films.


2 Nights: Monday, Tuesday, or Friday

In the Evening Arts blacksmithing class the traditional hammer-and-anvil method of shaping hot metal is taught, using tools and techniques whose origins go back a thousand years or more. The objects we make range from the functional to the artistic, the commonplace to the whimsical. There's an emphasis on craftsmanship but also on imagination. Class size is limited to six students per session, as this ensures a high level of student-teacher interaction. A lab fee will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.

Book Arts

This activity will introduce students to the fundamentals of bookbinding using basic hand tools. We will explore the characteristics of paper and how to fold and sew it into a text block. Looking at a range of books, from historic models to modern pop-ups, we will apply various techniques to create pamphlets, books and other enclosures. A small lab fee will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.

Comic and Graphic Novels

This is a studio class exploring techniques of drawing and story telling in the comic/graphic novel format. Students develop work on different themes to create short stories using pictures, panels and words. Class work is printed and to make a compilation book. Advanced students work with their own characters and ideas and produce their own complete comics.

Creative Writing

Explore self-expression through an informal writers' workshop. We will dabble in a variety of genres, including fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Prompts and exercises will be offered as a way to get started, or you may work on your own project. Participants should be prepared to share their writing from time to time with the group.

Digital Filmmaking

Learn basic techniques of narrative filmmaking, telling a story using the language and medium of film. We will study and apply essential principles: lighting, sound, composition, movement, and editing; learn DIY production techniques; and make short films using these skills.

Photography: Digital

After achieving an understanding of exposure and camera operation, this class will focus on both shooting and Photo shop skills. Prompts will be provided for focusing our exploration and help provide context for the myriad of possible transformations digital technology offers photographers. Digital SLR cameras and access to Adobe creative suite are available for student use.

Drawing for Painting

Using a variety of materials; walnut ink, charcoal, pencil, gouache, oil and chalk pastels, we'll focus on mark making, form and developing a personal vision with a minimum of tools. Making small and large-scale projects, we'll have assignments and collaborative projects, but also a lot of opportunity to loosen up and follow your own path.

Figure Drawing

Devoted exclusively to drawing the human form directly from observation. Students will observe and express the structure, gesture, anatomy and form of the live model in a variety of drawing and printmaking media. We will look at precedents in art history and add substantially to college and art school portfolios.


The emphasis in this activity is on making silver jewelry, but students may make other objects as well. We will also work with other metals such as brass, copper, and materials that can be combined. Students will acquire skills in basic hammering, sawing, and forging as well as setting stones in bezels, and finishing techniques. A small lab fee for materials will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.


Students will increase their competency while they enjoy a congenial evening. All levels welcome, though an emphasis placed on beginner and intermediate levels.

Literary Magazine

Help make the Literary Magazine a reality. Join a team of writers, artists, photographers, and editors who will design our magazine and publish a variety of creative talents from our community. You will help recruit, promote, select, lay out and produce our stellar and well-loved yearly publication

Metal Sculpture

If you have the urge to express your creative self by cutting, bending, denting, grinding, welding and polishing metal, then you may have a future as a metal sculptor. Take this activity to confirm the suspicion and you won’t be disappointed. A small lab fee for materials will be charged, financial aid is available.

Mixed Media Art: Recycle, Reuse, Construct

Using paint, fabric, paper, and found objects, students will explore recycling, reusing and re-appropriating materials to make art. We will start with collage and investigate the two dimensional world, then work with three dimensional sculptures and finish by creating functional musical instruments and exploring the fourth dimension of time. A wide variety of construction techniques will be taught. No skills needed, just a desire to experiment and transform materials!


The activity is designed to introduce new students to painting and will afford more experienced students the opportunity for further practice, growth, and development. We will explore color theory, painting from observation and from imagination, and materials and mediums. We will look at work that interests us and try to understand the techniques employed to achieve the desired results. A small lab fee for materials will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.

Photography: B&W

Explore the world of film photography. Students in Evening Photography learn to use a 35mm camera, process film and print in the school’s darkroom. We also explore experimental techniques and alternative cameras. For those with a background in traditional photography, this activity is an opportunity to investigate the medium further. Having a 35mm camera is helpful, but the school has cameras to loan if needed. A small lab fee for materials will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.

Poetry Workshop

In this evening activity we will look at different poetic forms, compose poems, and perform them. Each week, students will read contemporary and/or traditional poems as models and then explore their own practice through a combination of reading and writing prompts. There will be space to create, refine, and polish student work.


In this printmaking class students will work with a variety of etching techniques. They will explore hard ground and soft ground etching, aquatint, spit bite, sugar lift, and white ground. Depending on experience, students will make many small plates, using a different technique on each plate, or make one image that incorporates all the techniques. Students will be encouraged to explore the various possibilities of printmaking and image making. A small lab fee for materials will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.


This activity will cover a variety of basic sewing skills. Students can choose to focus on quilting techniques or learn to sew clothing from commercial and original patterns. Instruction in embroidery, alterations and embellishments will also be offered. All levels of experience are welcome. A small lab fee will be charged for materials used, financial aid is available.

Stained Glass

Glass unleaded! We will be exploring stained glass using lead free solders and copper foil. You will learn to cut glass, break and grind it, wrap with foil and solder together to complete a beautiful work of art. After some experience with this process 3D formats are also an option to create sculptural mobiles and small boxes. A small fee will be charged depending upon materials used.

Tinker, Tailor, Engineer, Design

Do you want to embed electronics in fabric? Want to build toys, games, or puzzles? Do you need a fork for camping out or a cable holder to organize cables on your desk? Do you want to try coding in a low-stakes environment or controlling a robot? Any interest in learning about microcontrollers (simple computers) and basic electronics components? Come tinker with our 3D printers and robotics equipment. This is an introduction to the art of engineering. We'll look at the basics of 3D modeling and slicing, general printer maintenance, open source alternatives, and recycling developments in 3D printing. Depending on time and interest we can also dive into robotics, microcontrollers, and/or coding. All are welcome.


Students will learn the fundamentals of weaving by designing and creating individual projects on 4 and 8 harness floor looms. Projects may include scarves, clothing, blankets, rugs or tapestries. Other fiber related techniques can also be explored including spinning, dyeing and knitting. Beginners are welcome. A small fee will be charged, financial aid is available.


Instruction and suggestions are offered on design, construction techniques, and the uses of both hand and power tools. Everyone must complete at least one project by the end of the semester. Beginning and experienced woodworkers are welcome. A small lab fee will be charged, financial aid is available.


Work with a team of student journalists to document the school year in photos and words. Learn Adobe design software and apply your creativity through publishing a rich, complex book project.

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