We believe that students should learn to work for the love of knowledge, the excitement of discovery and the joy of using their minds effectively. All students and their parents receive a full set of detailed written reports six times a year. Written evaluations are specific and intended to indicate to the student her level of achievement.

The College Counseling office shows the transcript including grades to Juniors during their winter trimester. At the end of each marking period, the academic dean and class deans will evaluate students’ academic standing and determine whether a student should be moved onto Academic Warning or Academic Probation based on grades and effort marks. Before grades are submitted to the academic office, seniors and second-trimester juniors have the opportunity to meet with their teachers to discuss their grades and academic standing.

Academic Grades

Academic grades are recorded as letter grades (A-F). Students do not learn their academic grades until the spring of their Junior year.

Effort Grades

In addition to letter grades, students receive effort marks for their work during each marking period. Effort marks range from 1 = excellent to 4 = unacceptable. Effort marks are important in determining the list of seniors eligible for special privileges and in identifying students about whom the deans should be concerned. Students in good standing are expected to maintain consistent effort. Students are given their effort marks at the same time they receive their reports.


Of the core values of The Putney School, participation is perhaps most essential to the success of our daily endeavors. All of our programs—from classes to assemblies, Evening Arts to Sing, and sports to work—are designed to be most enjoyable and most effective with everyone present. Students are expected to participate fully.


The Putney transcript records course grades for each trimester as well as the final grade for each course. The student’s record of participation in the nonacademic programs of the school is also recorded. During the winter trimester, juniors receive an unofficial copy of their transcript as part of the college planning course. In the fall or early winter of the senior year, students request that an official copy of the transcript be sent to colleges to which they have applied.

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