Alumni and Friends Newsletters


March 2024

Welcome to spring! The bustling energy of the season is palpable, with students back from March break, sunny days with frisbee on the lawn, and probably a snowstorm sometime in the next week or two. We’re excited to share the latest from the school with you: new dorms (now inhabited!), Putney events (Pete Stickney!), alumni in the news, updates on the Sing it Forward campaign and the Annual Fund, and more. Life at Putney hums along, and we always love hearing from you. Stay well, and enjoy the sunshine.


January 2024

Winter invites a deep sense of inqiry, as focus often turns inward during the shorter days. Reflection remains an important part of what happens here on the hill, as is our communal sense of connection and the care we have for each other, this place, and the world around us. We are grateful for the wider connection and awareness that all of you offer. The dimensional mosaic that is the Putney community is strengthened by all the many ways we tend to and care for both our inner and outer landscapes, including each other. Thank you for being an integral part of Putney's ever-evolving story.

November 2023

Greetings from Putney! On this hill, now framed in late fall shades, the first snow has fallen and melted, days are short, darkness is deep, and students and faculty are busy finishing up the fall trimester. As a community, we’ll gather tomorrow with gratitude for our annual March of the Turkeys and we will gather with recognition of the privilege of being able to do so, and send love, light, and hope out into the world.


September 2023

Another school year begins! The students bring such joy to our campus. They packed up and organized for Long Fall with good cheer, and were off enjoying the forests and lakes last week. As they return, we look to the academic work in earnest. In this newsletter, we offer information about the current art exhibit in the Currier gallery, Harvest Festival 2023, and upcoming alumni gatherings.

April 2023

Salamanders are moving toward their vernal pools, peepers are peeping, seeds have been planted, and the emergence of spring offers the opportunity for greater community connection.

October 2022

The first in-person Harvest Festival since 2019 was a success! We welcomed alumni, families, and friends back to campus for food and drink and games and music and fun. Check out the photos here of Harvest Festival. Students are back on campus from their mid-fall Break and in just over a week will participate in this year’s first Jean Hinton Rosner Memorial Work Day.

Fall 2022

There is energy on campus! Our new head of school, Danny O’Brien, began his tenure this summer as construction on two new dormitories began. Students are packing for their Long Fall trips, and the cows are moving from their summer pastures. Harvest Festival, the first since 2019, is in the works. With gratitude and joy from Putney to all of you!

Winter 2022

Today is Jean Hinton Rosner Memorial Work Day! Hello from a campus alive with students, faculty and staff, forsythia, crocuses, rakes, shovels and chainsaws. Some students are rebuilding Arms Cabin today. Stay tuned—we will share a photo and update of the new cabin in the next newsletter. We are preparing, in our cyclical way, for all the events of the spring and summer, but with renewed enthusiasm. We will host our first reunion since Covid this June, and we are delighted.

Fall 2021

We're excited to introduce you to our next head of school, Danny O'Brien, who will take over in July when Emily Jones steps down after 15 years at Putney. As we head into the holiday season, it's a reminder to reflect on how much we value our community here on the Hill. We hope Putney will always be a part of each and every one of you, even when you're miles and memories away from campus.

Summer 2021

With the arrival of hot August days, we’re seeking out Vermont’s best swimming holes and ice cream spots. The weather is also a gentle reminder that our students will soon be making their way to the Hill. We are hopeful that fall will feel more like a “normal” year at Putney with the return of traditions like Harvest Festival.

Spring 2021

The days are getting warmer and longer here on the Hill, and we are once again preparing for the end of the school year. Though we will miss them dearly, we can’t wait to send our students off into the wider world to make their mark.

Winter 2021

While we have worked hard to make the most of this cold weather, from kicking off Dorm Olympics with a skate to once again turning the pasture behind Noyes into our own private slopes, we couldn’t be happier to have spring just on the horizon.

Winter 2020

We have reached the end of a strange and challenging year. Our students continue to be a great source of inspiration — and we are pleased to report they have all returned home safely.

Fall 2020

In a time of social distancing and increased isolation, many of us are finding more need for community than ever before. With this in mind, we are initiating an email newsletter to alumni and friends as a supplement to the Putney Post that is printed twice annually.