Music is an important part of the Putney experience. Whether you are a beginning guitarist, seasoned soloist or somewhere in between, we offer the opportunity to participate in everything from small group performances to school-wide events. Whatever your skills, talent and desire, there is an ensemble for you.



Including beginner, intermediate and advanced ensembles, students explore a variety of styles including swing, latin, blues and funk, and develop their own personal style with an understanding and awareness of jazz tradition. They are also given the tools needed to become improvising players, learning how to jam and rehearse effectively. The group performs publicly throughout the year. 


The choral ensemble of The Putney School, Madrigals endeavors to build musicianship and artistry through the performance of challenging and varied repertoire. The ensemble has an emphasis on standard choral literature from all historical periods of Western musical practice, while exploring contemporary and modern choral compositions from around the world. The group performs frequently.

Drum Ensemble

Explore African, Caribbean, and Brazilian percussion music. Learn drumming techniques, traditional rhythms, improvisation, and how to create your own percussion music. The class is fun, relaxed, and supportive. All drums and percussion instruments will be provided. No prior experience is necessary. All you need is to bring your good heart!

Putney Community Orchestra

Open to all players of orchestral instruments, this ensemble is dedicated to music for string, chamber, and full orchestra (including works with chorus) from various historic time periods. Students are often featured as soloists. Prerequisite: basic ability on a string, wind, brass, or percussion instrument: the desire to share and experience music making.

Chamber Music

Chamber Music offers instrumentalists the ability to expand their musical skills through exploration, study and performance of the classical chamber ensemble repertoire. Participants will receive coaching on style, phrasing, and historical practice, while learning how to effectively cooperate with a smaller group of artists.

Traditional Music Ensemble

Traditional music is born out of the life of a culture and imbued with its flavor and style. We focus on Celtic traditional music and how it has transformed once transplanted to the Americas, but we will also broaden our explorations to music from around the world. We will play in large and small groups, both instrumental and choral.


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