Legacy Circle

We invite you to join Putney’s Legacy Circle by including The Putney School in your estate plans. Doing so will have a long and lasting impact, allowing Putney to thrive for generations to come. Your support will ensure Putney’s Fundamental Beliefs continue to guide us toward fulfilling our mission of creating a better world, one student at a time. As a first step to explore how you might include Putney in your estate planning, we encourage you to visit our gift planning webpage and consult your financial advisor. To begin a conversation, please contact Director of Development Kalya Yannatos.

To convey that Putney has been included in your will, to confirm how we are to recognize your intention, or to inform us of any corrections to the following list, please email development@putneyschool.org.

We are moved by the many donors who have so graciously chosen to include Putney in their planned giving. The impact of our Legacy Circle is tangible in a way that transcends a single year. If you have chosen to include The Putney School in your estate plans, thank you.

Ways to Give


The Putney School Legacy Circle


Anonymous (20)
Ruth Reich Alpert ’60, P’89
Jim Angell ’45
David Arnstein P’03
Frank Artiles ’49
Evan Ashkin ’78
Barbara R. Barnes ’41
Adam Bartsch ’83
Ann Walling Billings ’43
Jeannetta Black P’70, ’72
Elizabeth Eisold Blaylock ’80
Joie Botkin ’02
Beth Brainerd ’81
Emily Bramhall ’75
David Brose ’57
George Brunn ’41
Max and Bucky Buckingham ’42
Kate Burnett P’70
Jeremiah Burnham ’59
Liz Burrell P’04
Tasha Byus ’88, P’19, ’22
Alan Carpenter ’48 and Betsy Brett Carpenter ’48, P’71, ’72
Lois Green Carr ’39
Elise Ott Casper P’62
Addison Cate ’39
Nathalie Fallon Chadwick ’37
Jonathan Clowes P’93, ’96
Brian D. Cohen P’03, ’04, ’20
William Cohen P’79
Pat Colt ’51, P’81
J.F. Colven S’50
Lee Combrinck-Graham ’59
Emily Pettit Connery ’44
John Byrne Cooke ’58
Dallas Coors
Kevin Cornell ’59
Justin Cowger and Paula Chapin Cowger ’45, G ’95
Edwina Cruise ’62
Michael Currier ’79
Penelope Custer ’66
Dick Dale ’50
Alma Daniel P’86
Joan de Graaff ’54
Christie Poindexter Dennis ’49, P’76
Jerry and Keila Fulton DePoorter ’59
Matthew Diamante ’04
Erin Doolittle ’82
Jaki Ellis ’65
Sue Stein Elmendorf ’58
Lucille Erickson G’91
Alyssa Ettinger ’83
Nicole Fauteux ’74
Paul Fearer ’61
P.V. Foster ’56
Philip Fox II ’55
Bunny Frank ’50
Adah Frank P’06, ’10
Alison Frye
Lillian and George Gallantz G’94, ’99
Kate Ganz ’62
Jane Roberts Gill, CSW ’41, P’53, ’63, ’64, ’76, G’96, ’00
Kevin Gilmartin ’66
Jock Glidden ’54
Oceania Gomez G’12
Connie Wallace Gordon ’62
Sara Gorham P’10
Connie Gray ’55
Gay Sise Grossman ’61
Buffy Richardson Gula ’42
Geoff and Sarah Kerlin GrayGund ’60
Berta Hackney P’62
Susan Hambleton ’58
Josie Wittmeyer Harris ’54
Elizabeth Harris-Warner ’85
Daphne Harwood ’58
Allen Hawkridge ’41
Marjorie Hayden P’52, ’54
Gloria Heath ’39
John Heller ’46, P’77
Alf Heller ’46
Mary Elizabeth Hill P’52
Bill Hinton ’36, P’80, ’83
David Hoddeson ’46
Annabelle Hoffman ’76
Steve Horowitz ’68
Ann Horvitz P’78
Cynthia Birge Howland ’54
Al Hudson ’50
David Hume P’07, ’09
Rick and Priscilla Stevenson Hunt ’47
Barbara Prentice Huseby and Sven Huseby P’89, ’93
Isaiah Jackson ’62
Susan Francesca Jaine ’60
Elizabeth Wuerth Jones ’46
Charlie Jones ’62

Jen Just ’77 P’12
Jan Thompson Keep ’38, P’69
George Kelly P’74
Ingrid Kepler-May P’76
Sarah Morrison Kerlin P’60, ’63, ’68
Skip Kniffin ’50
Peter Knoll ’60
Laszlo Kovacs ’60
Claire Labine P’83
Hayden Lake ’04
Kendall Landis ’42, P’73, ’79
Kris Lanzano ’01
Jonathan Lash ’63, P’88
Maria-Luisa Lederer
Freya Littledale P’76, G’12, ’14
Sue McIntosh Lloyd ’52
Matt Lorentzen ’81
Kit Lukas ’52
Jing Schauffler Lyman ’43
Thomas Maine P’81
Didi Dexter Malarkey ’52
Marc Mann ’64
Susan Markle P’70
Barbara Watkins McElhinny ’49, G’08
Hugo Meyer P’72
Bob Middleton and Polly Braun Middleton ’42
Mike Miller ’50
Hugh Montgomery P’04, ’05
Friski Walton Moore ’49
George Morgan ’50
Robert and Elizabeth Wright Munger P’60, ’62, ’69
Ragnar Naess ’60
Maurice Neustadt
Fran Merrick Nevins ’41
William New, Jr.
Ted Osius ’79
Carol Paasche and Gottfried Paasche ’56, P’79, ’81, ’84
Doug Palardy ’92
Sandra Pedigo P’87
Felix deCourcy Pereira P’49, ’52
Walter Pettit ’39
Maria Phaneuf
Merritt Pizitz ’55
Sue Byers Plant ’42
Vera Pratt ’52
Milton Quigless Jr., MD ’63
Claire Rantoul P’60
Dave Raynolds ’45, P’69, ’70, 74, ’76, ’78, G’05
Dorry Rainsford Reilly ’47
Rosalind Rich S’42
Mary Calder Rower ’58, P’80, ’81, G’07
Sandy Rower ’81, P’07
Molly Sager ’52
Sheafe Satterthwaite ’57
Mary Cluett Schmitt ’58
Howard Scott P’72
Jerry Selby ’48
Richard Sewall P’65
Barb Watt Seymour ’43, P’67
Peter Sharrer ’57
Jim and Sally Swing Shelley ’41
Nancy Gregg Sippel ’44, P’71
Nancy Sise P’61
Harry Spruyt ’47
Chuck Staples ’47
Carol Stein ’61
Martha Stewart P’77
Mimi K. Stokes ’71
Mary Bruchholz Strauss ’45
Tirzah Sweet
John Temple Swing ’46, P’65, ’67, ’80
James Thompson ’74
Alice Horton Tibbetts ’41
Ted Todd P’86, ’89
Martha Tolman P’49, ’53
Mary Lou Treat
Chank Tzu ’54
George Van Buskirk ’45
Muffy Greil Vhay ’57
Seth Wakeman ’48
Tom Warner ’48
Joe Wasserman ’49, G’05
James Wellman ’53
Nancy Carpenter Wendell ’44
Edith West
Richard White ’64
Clare Hayden White ’52
Barbara Breasted Whitesides ’59
Jason Whiton ’83
Marjorie Hollister Wilson ’36
Henrietta McIvor Winant P’41
Liebe Coolidge Winship ’39, P’77
Kalya Yannatos
Charlie Young ’74, P’03

*With care, we acknowledge deceased donors by listing their names in italics.
Last updated on 10/8/2023.