Nimbus Dance Company



We offer a long-term partnership with New Jersey dance company Nimbus, whose dancers serve as teaching artists in a residency program at The Putney School. During a week-long annual residency, students partake in master classes, engage with the professional dancers, and participate in a signature Nimbus performance in Calder Hall.

Bringing acclaimed repertory as well as excerpts from new dance pieces, the program provides an opportunity for students to learn from professional dancers, who in turn find inspiration from the students they engage with.

Nimbus’ annual performances at the Putney School have been a source of creative inspiration for Nimbus. We use the time at Putney to develop new work, explore new ideas, and showcase previews of works-in-development before their premiere in New York City. It has been truly fruitful to spend time in Vermont in a like-minded, creative setting like the Putney School.”
— Nimbus Founder and Artistic Director Samuel Pott.

Nimbus’ mission is to create and present innovative dance by bringing together top-tier dancers, choreographers, and collaborators in a dynamic, creative environment and delivering that work to diverse communities.

With a repertory of over 25 works, the company performs on tour nationally and in Jersey City, impacting more than 16,000 people each year. Community engagement initiatives serve over 3,000 children annually through in-school, movement-based programs. The School of Nimbus holds 45 classes throughout the week and also offers the Junior Youth Ensemble, Nimbus Youth Ensemble, and the Pre-Professional Program.

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