Student Blog: Leadership at Putney

Living in Putney for three years, I know that Putney is a unique place where students can embrace diverse voices and different cultures. In this small community, it’s always amazing that you can get close to people who come from different cultural and educational backgrounds. What’s more extraordinary is that Putney is extremely open toward involvement of the student body. Most students, more or less, take on some form of responsibility or leadership at Putney. As student heads of school, Charlie and I, luckily, get chances to take the lead of different student leadership groups and work along with them to serve this community.

Charlie and I have been working together for over a year. We both served on the Standards Committee and continued our cooperation afterwards with curating the LitMag. Charlie and I come from very different places. He comes from New York City and now lives in Denver, while I spent my life in Shanghai, China before I came to Putney. Charlie has more opportunities to listen to American students, whereas I work closely with international students. We are totally different as individuals, but we are excited to work together to represent the diversity of this community. Aside from our weekly jobs, which include holding Monday assembly and Wednesday school councils, we also want to create better format of presenting weekly events as well as continuing student leadership slides.

Putney is a small community with more than 200 students, but Charlie and I are eager to create a place where the extent of perspectives is broad and includes voices from everyone, ranging from freshmen to seniors. Undoubtedly, being student heads of school is a challenging task for both of us, but we are excited to take on this responsibility and make change in this community.

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